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A La Carte Artist Services


We have developers that will present your content on an industry standard website. Dynamically responsive sites to adapt your content to whatever screen accesses them.

Industry Connect

Do you understand the new paradigms of the music industry? Much is tried and true, but avenues exist now that are new and emerging. Time to get involved.

Social Media

Mediashark will help artists navigate the intricate world of social media. Learn how to get the most from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reverb Nation and more!


Learn how to stay connected throughout the day, every day. Time management and constant promotion can be taxing. Maximize your time and efficiency.


The Opportunity to Shine

Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your product and determine what opportunities to connect you with. If your music is on point, you've got the talent, and you've built your brand, we can connect you with some amazing opportunities. Ever wonder how that local band you know is on a ten leg of a tour for a major act? Ever wonder how the band got onto that festival? We can help with that.


Sponsorship, Endorsements, Partnerships and More

In many regards the formula is the same as it's always been - make great music, be amazing, get noticed, climb into a band and tour the country. That said, your online presence, and YouTube videos can get you noticed just as effectively. You can also use your reach to attract partners and endorsements even without a lable. This is easier than many think. Let us get you connected!


Customer Reviews

  • Within two weeks we were participating in local community festivals and playing to larger crowds. It was quick, cool, and Mediashark was a breeze to deal with!

    John Rivers

    We asked for the moon. Mediashark didn't bullshit us, they did give us a plan on how to get to the place where what we wanted could be attained. Best part? The advice was free!

    Mark Thomas
  • We had been grinding it out for years, and had done some cool things, but we really wanted to get onto a tour. It's finally happening! So happy we check these guys out!

    Volume Kings

    We are just getting started. Needed a website, etc. The Mediashark team hooked us up! Price was right, and it will launch soon! Can't wait to get it online! Almost ready!

    Carrie Savidge
    Carrie Savidge Band
  • Never even thought about consulting. What is it? Well stop asking your friends how you sound, how you look, and what you should be doing and ask a professional. You'll find out!


    Cool guys. We wanted to be on Warped Tour. Turns out, we didn't have the base we needed to generate the voted path. They didn't BS us. Much respect to Mediashark.

    Glen Marquardt
  • I was just joking and asked if we could open for Disturbed... Learned you could bid to cover your own costs for some bands like that. Couldn't swing it - but cool to know!

    Zach Z.

    Finally understand Reverb Nation! With a little hard work we are getting more visibility. Not only that, we know what RN is, and isn't! Very informative.

    A. Jefferson


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